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A Wide Choice of Programs

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4 Different Cities

5 Years on The Market

MILTS FOOD is a service for delivering delicious and healthy food for every day.
These are not just packaged containers with pre-calculated KBZHU.
We offer the safest food for your body.
Each ingredient is selected and personally tested by our founder, nutritionist Maria. We do not use flavor enhancers, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.
Moreover, our service provides 300 saved hours per month. While our chefs prepare a variety of menus, taking into account everyone’s taste preferences, you can have a good rest or do what you love.


Detox is a unique program for cleansing and healing the body, which we conduct twice a month. Just 1 week of nutrition according to this program can solve a number of problems:

- Feeling tired
- Digestive problems
- Feeling exhausted
- Rashes on the face
- Excess weight
- Life on energy drinks (Coffee, strong green tea, sweets)
- Bad breath


Kids food from MILTS Food is a convenient solution for the most caring parents who want their children to grow up strong and healthy. This not only saves you time, but also ensures that your children are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need for their health and development.


Healthy Delivery Food Cyprus
Healthy Delivery Food Cyprus

Meal Preparation: Our experienced chefs prepare meals according to the client's chosen meal plan. The entire preparation process takes place in accordance with high standards of hygiene and quality. Packaging: Once cooked, meals are carefully packaged to maintain freshness and maintain food temperature throughout the delivery process. Order pickup: When the order is ready, the courier picks it up early in the morning straight from the kitchen to delight you with a fresh breakfast by the appointed delivery time. The important point here is the timeliness and accuracy of the courier. Safe delivery: A courier with all the necessary information delivers the order directly to the customer's door. Thanks to strict standards and rules, we guarantee the safety and quality of food. Customer Interaction: After delivery, the customer can rate the experience and provide feedback. This is an important part for continuous improvement of service quality. Thus, our delivery process has been developed and improved over time, taking into account all customer wishes. Now, the entire delivery process is an individual approach to each client, which ensures convenience and health care at every stage.

The delivery process from MILTS Food is highly organized, providing customers with a convenient and understandable service. Let us tell you in more detail how the entire delivery process occurs:




Food Snapshot

The berry mix with water and collagen for lunch today was delicious 😍

Frankie B.

I wanted to thank you and all the team for a really great detox program with a lot of benefits, which makes me feel great and really excellent mood full of power 👍

Beata Gil

I feel it already. My skin, even my eyes are brighter, sleep is amazing and of course tummy is flat. I'm grateful for the program 🙏 thank you



Milts Food Healthy Delivery Food Cyprus

In a moment of despair and the realization that only I could find a solution, I turned to nutritional medicine. By studying nutrition, body functions and its needs, I found answers to my problems. My skin has become noticeably better and my allergic reactions have become less intense. Having become interested in this field, I received a diploma, completed many training programs and became a consultant, helping not only myself, but also friends. One day, one of my comrades asked me to cook food for him according to my system, since he wanted to achieve the same results, but did not have the time and desire to cook. This was the turning point when I decided to try offering my services. My mother supported me, and together we started preparing and distributing food. They started talking about us, and within a month we already had 20 clients. The kitchen turned into a real production unit, and then I realized that I needed to either close everything down or create a company. With a sense of responsibility to those who trust us, we worked for 4 years. Our couriers receive keys to intercoms, and the care department receives messages with questions about the well-being of clients. People come up to me on the street, expressing gratitude for the changes in their lives. I am incredibly happy that my calling helps so many people.

It all started long before I became aware of myself. Since childhood, my life has been affected by allergies and atypical dermatitis; even the smallest sweets were the cause of constant painful rashes.

Until I was 20, I was taken to doctors, starting from childhood until I took the initiative myself. However, despite hundreds of visits to various doctors, the results were limited to temporary relief of symptoms with the help of pills.




  • What types of menus are available to order?
    Our menu has several types of food: - Standard (includes beef, chicken and fish) - Chicken/fish - Vegan - Pescetarianism - Lacto-Vegetarianism
  • How often will my menu change?
    Our menu is designed for 28 days.
  • Who calculates the KBJU and how?
    Each menu is designed by our nutritionist - Maria Milts.
  • Do I need to eat other foods with my meals?
    Our meals are completely balanced, so there is no need to eat anything other than the dishes provided.
  • Is it possible to heat food in the microwave?
    All our food can be heated in the microwave in our containers, or already on a plate.
  • Do you use sugar or sweetener?
    We use sugar in minimal quantities. We do not use sweeteners.
  • I want to replace one of my meals - is this possible?
    Our customer care department always takes into account your preferences, so we can replace any of the dishes.
  • What is the shelf life of your products?
    Our dishes consist only of natural ingredients, so our food has a shelf life of 48 hours.
  • Is it possible to completely eliminate gluten/lactose?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes, Milts Food accepts orders (and cancels) 2 days in advance during business hours - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For example, on Monday we take/cancel orders for Wednesday, on Tuesday for Thursday, etc.
  • What products do you use for cooking?
    We use only the freshest ingredients our kitchen orders every day. No dyes, sweeteners, etc. are used in the preparation of our food.
  • How much time will I save with MILTS Food?
    You save from 3 hours a day to 300 hours a month that would normally be spent on buying and preparing food daily.
  • How can I pay for my order?
    You can pay in cash/card upon delivery, via an online link or by bank transfer to Hellenic bank.
  • How is delivery carried out?
    Delivery is carried out every day (from Monday to Friday, from 6:30 to 10:30 am) at a convenient 30-minute interval. We care about our customers and do everything possible to make delivery as convenient as possible for you. That's why you can take advantage of the following features: "Leave the package at the door" “Leave the package to another person (concierge, security guard, etc.)” If you would like to take advantage of these options, please be sure to notify your personal MILTS Food Manager.
Milts Food Healthy Delivery Food Cyprus

Tel. +35797880096

Agias Filaxeos 28, Limasso, 3025 Cyprus

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